WordPress Speed Optimisation Service


Your websites speed is now a major ranking factor to your sites position in the search engines. Our specialist WordPress Speed Optimisation services offer an essential improvement to your websites rank and will present a much better browsing experience to your website’s visitors.

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It’s a fact that users don’t like waiting for websites to load. If your WordPress site doesn’t load in under 5 seconds, this will affect your websites search engine ranking, you could be losing out on potential customers and you will most likely be losing out on possible sales and revenue. For a relatively small investment, you could have your WordPress website running at top speed within just 24 hours.

Our speed optimisation process

We have a very simple and straight-forward 4-stage process to optimising the speed of your WordPress website. Our usual turnaround time for optimising your site is 1-2 days from start to finish, depending on the WordPress optimisation package that you choose.


Detailed website speed analysis

We perform a full speed analysis of your WordPress website and provide you with a detailed report which outlines where your website is falling behind and what improvements can be implemented.

Configure your server for speed

We'll check and adjust your website's configuration including server settings, memory and implement caching of your websites files to ensure that your site is running at full speed.

WordPress speed optimisation

We then work on optimising your WordPress websites images, combine and minify your sites CSS and Javascript, maximising efficiency and decreasing your websites page load times.

Fully optimised WordPress website

Once complete, we'll then provide you with another report detailing the improvements that have been made to your site. Your site will now load faster and rank better in search engines. Job done!

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